Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Conspired Against Yet Again

Congratulations Derrick Burgess on your Pro Bowl Selection. HOWEVER:

The NFL Conspiracy against the Raiders is alive and well in 2006. How the hell do you explain Shane Lechler not getting a Pro Bowl nod? How about Nnamdi Asomugha's seven interceptions, tied for third in the AFC? Even Warren Sapp with 8 sacks this season should've been considered for nothing less than a reserve role in the Pro Bowl. The Raiders may rank 32nd in offense but our defense has ranked #1 against the pass. I know the voting is based on fans, players and coaches ballots but as in Presidential elections of late, there's a hole in the machinery and the integrity of the selections has been compromised.

I hate to allow the conspiracy to overshadow the Pro Bowl selection of Derrick Burgess, but even his 11 sacks only guaranteed him a reserve role. I tell you its time the NFL just come clean and admit to their unfair treament of the Raiders since the AFL-NFL merger. Every single player who's come from another team to the Raiders says they've seen questionable treatment of unfairness from the league while playing as a Raider. Though not all subscribe to the Conspiracy Theory, many have smelled a rat lurking in decisions that effect the Raiders in one way or another.

Again back to Shane Lechler, currently the #1 ranked punter in the AFC, he was out voted by the buffalo bills Brian Moorman, ranked #7 in the AFC. Does it have to do with buffalo having a 7-7 record and the raiders 2-12? I watched footage of Shane Lechler punting on I think it was "Behind The Shield." They showed Shane's leg in slow motion. His follow-thru on his punts are a thing of beauty, poetry in motion. Any athlete or person with artistic abilities has to appreciate the way Lechler's Leg swings down and lifts the football up into the heavens. Its like watching a ballet. Unfortunately those that conspire are all too biased against the Raiders to admit the obvious. If they can conspire to keep Ray Guy (former Oakland Raider Punting Great) from being inducted into the Hall of Fame, then they can conspire to keep Lechler out of away from the Pro Bowl in Honolulu come 2007.

Yes football fans, the Conspiracy against the Raiders is alive and well. It doesn't excuse the Raiders poor performance this season, but it sure as hell is good to know we ain't making this stuff up. Just watch the next Shane Lechler punt and you be the judge. Or better yet, find some interview footage of those democratic Florida voters from the 2000 Presidential election and tell me if you believe them when they say something has run afoul in some of the voting precincts. Again, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a's probably a damn duck.

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