Sunday, November 12, 2006

Raiders Defense Delays Denver Victory

The Oakland Raiders Defense gave us fans plenty to cheer about today at the Coliseum. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the Offense as the Denver Broncos squeaked by with a 17-13 win.

Thanks to the Oakland Defense, which is playing in-synch with one another, the Broncos trailed most of the game and were outplayed the entire first half by sparks of Raiders offense and a barrage of Raiders defensive plays.

The Raiders Defense plays both the pass and run with a cohesive agressive team effort. From the D-Line to the Line-Backing core to the D-Backs, all are on the same page in executing Buddy Ryan's, I mean Rob Ryan's defensive schemes. For years we've been asking Santa for a Defense by Christmas and damned if our pleas haven't finally been answered this season.

So I guess prayers should begin going out for an offense. If Tampa Bay and Baltimore can win superbowls with little offense then why not the Oakland Raiders? With each game our Defense improves. They're still going through growing pangs but other NFL teams realize they're a force to be reckoned with on Sunday.

So on a Autumn Sunday full of disappointment for the Raider Nation, there's a ray of hope shining through that makes waiting for Christmas a joy again.

So come on Santa, get off your fat funky azz and deliver those Offensive gifts to Oakland soon. Or you may find your sley and reindeer stripped and left shivering on the corner of E14th and 66thStreet come December. brrrrr!

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