Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

Dan Brown writes well and with ease, however, this story seemed to make itself up as it went along. A terrible and unbelievable story that had so much potential in the beginning. I'm kinda hesitant to pickup his other book "The Da Vinci Code." Maybe I'll just rent the movie.

My review on this book - submitted to on 11/29/06

Thank Goodness it was a Fast Read

I really wanted to like this book. At first I cherished carrying around the thick 569 page hardcover enjoying the ease of which Dan Brown's writing can be read. But something happened midway through the story. The story that began with so much scientific intelligence and religious tradition suddenly took on a MacGyver-like air. The book started to truly test my intelligence and patience. As I pushed toward the story's conclusion I realized the best of it had already come and gone some time ago. Anti-climatic might be a word to describe this story. Or maybe I'm just out of touch with the new Video Game style of story plots in books and movies.

I did however learn what an Ambigram is:

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