Friday, May 05, 2006

Visiting Father

Well, I won't be in town to celebrate Barry Bonds moving into the number two spot for all-time career home runs. I'm going to visit my Dad and spend some good quality time with the old man. He's 71 years old battling many medical issues, but he's still healthy enough to get around and enjoy a pain free day. He's looking forward to our time together and so am I.

I find myself relating to and actually becoming my father as I get older. The man who I thought was a monster and would some day kill me is now the most humble and loving human on the planet. Losing his wife, my mother, of 49 years just two years ago changed his life overnight. After losing her he's gone from not being sure if he wanted to live without her to wanting to live out his life as long as the Lord allows him. He enjoys the great-grand kids more than he enjoyed us kids of his growing up. He's become a strong believer in the Lord and is secure in knowing that it is God's Will that gives and takes away from this life we live.

I guess there is a season for everything and time can bring about the most miraculous changes in life. I only wish that my mother could have been here to see how much the man she loved all those years has grown. I'm sure she's smiling down on all of us and taking some of the credit for our happy family. She should, because if it weren't for her strong faith in us all we may never have tolerated each other for so long.

Yeah, family can be so stressful to us at times, but that's only because nobody else loves you so unconditionally. So it's off to see Dad and remenisce about the old times and maybe create a few new memories.

My heart and prayers go out to Tiger Woods and his family for the loss of his father Earl Woods. There's been nothing but great things said about Tiger and his father's relationship. I would like to think that someone someday will be able to say a good thing or two about me and my father's relationship. If your dad is living and you haven't told him how much he means to you lately, do it. Because some day the things you say, think and do will remind you of your father, that is if you're not as stubborn-headed as he was. Thanks Dad.

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