Friday, May 05, 2006

Addiction Is What Addiction Does

So when is an addiction not a problem? Well, according to former NBA basketball player Charles Barkley it's when you can afford to indulge in the addiction. Charles loves to gamble. And depending on when you ask him he might admit to his gambling as a problem or deny it as a problem. He agrees though that he spends too much money gambling. But he feels that as long as he has the money to do it there's no problem.

I've always respected Charles for his upfront, keeping-it-real, attitude whenever being asked a question or even commenting on an issue. But on this here gambling issue Charles looks like someone with a problem who's so in denial that he justifies continuing with it by not using as much money to do it. Sounds a bit confusing and distorted doesn't it? Well that's just how all addicts sound when they don't want to give up the addiction. That's why it's called ADDICTION. Not only are you physically addicted to the product, but at some point in your addiction your mind joins in with the conspiracy to keep the physical addiction going. And when that happens you'll pretty much say whatever your mind and body have convinced you to believe.

See, in order for the mouth to convincingly lie about something, the activities of the body and mind must not go against each other on the issue. In other words, a convincing lie must have collusion between the mind that thinks the lie and the body that lives it. If they're not in agreement then the mouth will sure tell it. Scientists have studied this phenomona for years and have developed tests to help identify persons speaking untruths. But in the case of Charles, I don't think we need any scientific tests to tell us what we already know. Charles, you are a Gambling Addict. Seek Help or at least inform that mouth of yours to shut up and get in line with the program.

Other forms of addiction: Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, Smoking, Stealing, Lying.

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