Monday, May 22, 2006

Barry Blasts Home Run #714 in Oakland

I sure wish I'd been there to see Barry hit HR714 at Network Coliseum in Oakland. What better way to see history than sitting in the stadium of my beloved Raiders. And now that Barry has tied the Babe and due to become the lone number 2 spot holder of career home runs in major league baseball, I think it's time to start reporting on the team that inspired this blog, The Oakland Raiders. Because as has been mentioned before, there are 31 teams in the national football league, and then there are the Oakland Raidrs.

So Barry Bonds, congratulations. I hear that the Network Coliseum fans showed Barry much love and Barry was happy to have hit 714 in a game played in the Bay Area. Good luck chasing the "Say Hey Kid" for the number 1 HR spot Barry. I'll be watching but I may not be reporting. It's almost time for some football.

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