Saturday, September 10, 2016

ABC News Anchor - Serenity Prayer

Elizabeth Vargas Long Battle With Alcoholism

ABC News did an excellent job last night in reporting on Alcoholism, Anxiety and how one of their own fought and continues to fight addiction to alcohol.  

Elizabeth Vargas, an award winning network anchor, not only talks about her alcoholism but shows footage of herself on live television battling with anxiety and trying so desperately to keep the wolves of alcoholism at bay. Elizabeth takes viewers down her road to rock bottom and back. Her's is a story we've all likely heard before, except with Elizabeth there's nowhere to hide as the camera is on her everyday at work. She shows one of her interviews of a celebrity sharing her battle with alcoholism while Elizabeth the interviewer must ask the tough questions then sit in denial of her own battle with the disease.

Elizabeth has written a book about her battle with alcoholism titled "Between Breaths: A Memoir of  Panic & Addiction."

Alcoholism is a disease. Abuse of alcohol causes chemical changes in the brain that ultimately lead a person to abnormal choices and actions. Those choices and actions can lead to hospitalization and/or death.

Yes, a person's personality will change over time due to alcohol. They've been "hijacked" by the disease. The disease uses denial to hide it's victim from the help and support that is within reach. Shame, humiliation and fear of the consequences keep an alcoholic in hiding, unable to reach out for the support that family and friends or even strangers can give. 

Alcoholics Anonymous

Elizabeth shares her story in hopes of helping others beat back the shame and denial of alcoholism. She wants those suffering from the disease to know that there's hope. Elizabeth knows where alcoholism leads and she lives her days now for her children and herself, in the open without hiding with faith in God and trust in the mindfulness of a day at a time can save a life; it's saving hers.

Listen or read Elizabeth Vargas story and if you see similarities in her story and yours, today is the day to take back your control, remove the veil and seek help. 

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