Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Moment of Tears For Fallen Teammate Jose Fernandez

Dee Gordon, teammate of fatal boating accident victim Jose Fernandez, honored him the only way a baseball player could; at the plate he mimicked the hitting stance of the fallen Fernandez then proceeded to hit one out of the ballpark, his first home run of the season.

There were cheers and tears as Gordon rounded the bases then gave a heartfelt chest pump while looking to the heavens teary-eyed, before falling into the arms of teammates, emotionally drained yet spiritually blessed. 

It was a moment right out of an award winning baseball movie script, only there were no producers, directors or actors on an artificially lighted stage. There was only the ballpark, the moment and Dee Gordon. And that, for us fans who love the game and the ball players who play it, was more than enough. Actually, it was legendary!

The Florida Marlins players were all wearing #16 Jerseys in honor of Jose Fernandez. It will be the first Marlins jersey ever to be retired. 

May the family of Jose Fernandez find some comfort in knowing that the world of baseball is mourning and sending out prayers for them.

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Florida Marlins 
#16 Jose Fernandez

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