Monday, April 25, 2016

Steph Curry Knee Injury

It was an ugly slip that was both shocking and painful to watch as the Warriors leader went down, holding his knee in agony. Replays made the incident look even more painful, as if you could hear tearing tendons pulling away from bone. 

The culprit was a wet spot on the floor, no fault of the Rockets. It's the second injury for Stephen Curry in this first round of these playoffs, and this one could be devastating. 

Tied with the Rockets in Houston just before the half when the injury occurred, the Warriors, minus Curry, came out in the second half and grounded the Rockets.

The Warriors three point shots found their marks in the second half as they sank a franchise record 21 of 40 and won the game 121-94. The Warriors take a 3-1 series lead. With the early prognosis on Curry's knee being a sprain, the team will have to finish off the Rockets minus their star; no problem.

The potential problem though will be winning a championship without Curry or a limited Curry should the injury linger.  An MRI is scheduled for today and I can honestly say that the entire Bay Area basketball world is on edge, holding their breath, waiting for the news.

Can the Golden State Warriors repeat as Champions without Stephen Curry? Let's just say that the odds are definitely not in their favor without him.

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