Monday, April 11, 2016

Pacauiao Bradley A Decent Fight

Yeah, the twelve round unanimous decision that Manny Pacquiao won over Timothy Bradley was deserving.  The now older Filipino warrior showed in this his last fight, the skills that have made his career legendary and exciting to watch. His speed, quickness and power just wore Bradley down and made it into almost a Pacquiao boxing clinic.

I give Timothy Bradley credit for trying to make it a fight early. He has mastered the counter punching skill and has enough power and quickness to go up against most.  But boxing is as much mental as it is physical, and mental experience allowed Pacquiao to bide his time and patiently wait for the opportunity to catch Bradley solid.

Though there was what I believe a Bradley slip in the 6th round that was called a knockdown due to his gloves touching the canvas, I believe the true opportunity presented itself in the 7th round. Manny connected with a left that sent Bradley backwards to the canvas and into a somersault roll.  

After that knockdown Bradley was forced to initiate the action. He had some good exchanges, but with the knockdowns, conditioning and quickness of Pacquiao, Bradley seemed to finally concede this third battle of theirs to Pacman.

Good fight, not great. Scoring might've been a bit questionable but a unanimous decision was fair.

If Manny Pacquiao does not fight another professional round, Manny, thanks for the boxing memories. To a fine champion who gave his heart and soul for his fans, family and Filipino heritage.  We salute you!

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