Sunday, November 15, 2015

UFC 193 - Wowwee HOLM

Challenger Holly Holm takes down Ronda Rousey with a devastating kick to the head to win UFC title. The kick was setup by Holm's great footwork, spacing and plan of attack

Rousey appeared completely knocked out after going down from the kick, as the referee had to stop Holm from pummeling her face into oblivion. With Rousey's lip split in half, probably from an earlier Holm elbow delivered perfectly, she had to be helped up off the canvas and taken to a Melbourne, Australia hospital as a medical precaution. 

Holly Holm wakes up this morning not only as a new Champion, but as the Buster Douglas of 2015. Her win against the crowned queen of UFC was unexpected and the way in which she won was simply legendary.  

Prefight event with Holly (team Holm) in jeans

AttaGirl Holly, I never cared much for all the Rousey hype.  Her in the sexy black dress with the belt slumped over her shoulder kinda rubbed me funny. Promotion shot or not. She's already got two guest appearances in movies scheduled for production in 2016.  But Ronda is a tough cookie and I expect to see her back in the ring challenging for the title in the very near future.

Holly Holm ladies and gentleman.  Eye of the Tiger!

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