Thursday, November 05, 2015

Champion Warriors Clip Clippers

Golden State Warriors' Harrison Barnes scores against the Los Angeles Clippers during the second half of an NBA basketball game Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015, in Oakland, Calif.  The Warriors won 112-108. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Oakland's Golden State Warriors hosted the Los Angeles Clippers last night.  I hate L.A. teams.   The Warriors did us bay area fans proud by weathering their closest game to date this season.  They look almost better than the championship team of last season.

With both teams coming into the matchup sporting 4-0 records, and with the previous four Warriors games ending in blowouts, we spoiled fans just didn't know what to expect.  What we got was a back and forth, down to the wire competition that showed exactly why the Warriors are champions.

A champion must be able to overcome adversity, pick itself up after being down, trust its talent and skills and finish strong.  The Warriors as a team did just that last night in defeating the Clippers.  They found themselves in a 10pt. hole against a hungry rival. They made adjustments, got tough and finished the victory in championship Warriors fashion; lock-down defense.

While the sensational #30 Steph Curry did his thing as usual, it was the one and only Harrison 'The Black Falcon' Barnes who swooped down and put the team on his wingspan to get them back into the game. Interim head coach Luke Walton should also be credited with recognizing when to go small and put pressure on the Clippers.

It was an exciting game against two playoff caliber teams.  The Clippers actually looked damn good and nearly unstoppable at times. However, sometimes the best defense is a killer offense in basketball. The Warriors offense is fast, synchronized and lethal in scoring.  Unless opponents can figure out how to keep Steph Curry from shooting three-pointers without letting others step up and kill you, the Championship ring wearing Warriors will continue to role through the 2015-16 NBA season as the team to beat.

In boxing, if you wanna be the champion you have to beat the champion. As long as the Warriors don't start beating themselves, they be that champion to beat.

Final Score
Warriors 112
Clippers 108

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