Sunday, October 18, 2015

Triple G Pound For Pound

Between the baseball postseason, College football, NBA and NHL preseasons and the Lamar Odom Watch, the sports world had a championship boxing match that featured a man from Kazakh SSR (Kazakhstan) that boxing fans just love to watch. 

Why?  Because, unlike the clinching dancer Floyd Mayweather, middle weight champion Gannady Golovkin is a boxing beast. His feet put him in position not to avoid punches so much as to angle his fists strategically toward their target. He's a loaded, double barreled weapon that just keeps launching forward until opponents either fall or forfeit. Now that's a "sweet" Champion!

The boxer who goes by the name GGG (triple-G) is ranked number four pound for pound boxer by ring magazine. Now I don't know if that ranking is current or all-time, but in my book he is currently the best, pound for pound, period.

GGG showed what a real boxer wearing the pound for pound moniker looks like in his destruction of David Lemieux.  The fight ended with an 8th round TKO at a sold-out Madison Square Garden last night. I've only seen the highlights, but there's no mistaking from the clips that GGG dominated the fight throughout. 

The man from Kazakhstan now sports a professional record of 34 wins 0 losses with 31 by knockout. Speculation says that GGG is in line to fight the winner of  the Nov. 21 Cotto-Alvarez fight.  After the disappointment that was Mayweather/Pacquiao, the future of professional boxing is once again looking bright as new talent and world class matches appear upon the horizon.

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