Monday, October 26, 2015

Raiders Roll In Oakland SOuth

#89 WR Amari Cooper celebrates 52 yard touchdown

"with a rollicking song he sweeps along, swaggering boisterously"

Sunny San Diego, home of the Chargers.  Oh well, so much for home field advantage.  The Oakland Raiders, along with a stadium size entourage of silver and black fans, came blustering in from Northern California to seize the day and lay havoc on the powder blue clad lightning bolts.

The Raiders attacked on offense, defense and special teams early and often, leaving their division rival wondering where were the early warning signs that this quaking storm was rolling in toward their home. They were only expecting sun showers.

The total dominance the Raiders inflicted on the home team Chargers was scary in that the destruction could have been much worse. The Raiders were ahead 37-6 before they decided to ease up on the gas.  Many of us fans wanted to see  no mercy granted, but I suppose the coaches knew better; we won the game.

This win has raised the eyebrows of many an NFL analyst and has talk of a Raiders playoff berth swirling around the league.  The various ways the offense scored points and the harassing defensive play has made believers of many a Raiders doubter.  

The Autumn Winds of change have filled the sails of the Oakland Raiders pirate ship once again.  The course has been set and win, lose or tie, expect to see silver hat villains storming onto NFL fields pillaging just for fun.

The Autumn Wind is once again a Raider!

Final Score
Raiders 37
Chargers 29

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