Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Money Well Spent

Come on Raiders; you weren't able to land any big name free agents, you've got monies that must be spent, nothing big added to the offense so far and yet you still have two of your better players in WR Rod Streater and C Stefen Wisniewski unsigned?  


I understand that top NFL talent may not wanna bring their show to Oakland, so why not keep some of the talent that's already here? Streater and Wisniewski are Raider bred and should be made offers.  I do like what we've added on defense, especially in the linebacking corps, but our inability to add much on offense has me looking at these two young veteran Raiders for some help.

I know we've added the center from KC, but I feel Wiz could give us some depth on that O-line.  As for Streater, you could say he's been our best, most consistent receiver since being drafted, barring the injury.

Time for the Raiders brain trust to stop sleep walking their way through free agency and start making top athletes offers that they just can't refuse. What the heck is Adrian Peterson's situation? Someone make a phone call. Let's hope the Draft goes somewhat hotter than the free agency transactions to date. 

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