Saturday, March 21, 2015

Golden State Warriors - On Fire

Eric be easy on the cut, no mistakes allowed
Cause to me, MC means move the crowd
I made it easy to dance to this
But can you detect what's coming next from the flex of the wrist

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The Golden State Warriors continue to just "move the crowd."  A few nights ago at home, hosting the team with now the second best record in the NBA (Atlanta Hawks), the Warriors just blew the roof off the motha! 

As longtime Warriors fans we here in the Bay Area are covered in pock marks from pinching ourselves, asking over and over again are they that good? With the win over the Hawks the other night that question was answered loud and clear with a resounding Yes, Yes, Yes!

Not only can the Warriors all-stars assist, shoot and defend, but their bench players are doing just what's needed to bring home the championship trophy; they're stepping up their games and letting the starters rest a bit more down the regular season stretch. Andre Iguodala, Harrison Barnes, Justin Holiday, Leandro Barbosa.  Yes, "The Brazilian Blur" BarBosa! Lighting up the house with an up tempo style so dominating that good visiting teams are left shaking their heads in wonder and disbelief.

Its a NBA season that has us desperate Warriors fans drooling all over ourselves, babbling like babies at a three ring circus. Cotton Candy, Ice Cream and tons of Popcorn have been our basketball diet these past months. And we are going to continue stuffing ourselves with all the sticky sweets and buttery flavors until.....until......dare I say it?  Until we win it all dammit!  

I've always had a thing for that fabulous fat lady who can be heard tuning up her voice in anticipation of singing the praises of a champion.  From where I'm sitting, the bitch looks bored, waiting for what she and us Warriors fans believe to be inevitable; a return to a glorious championship title.

Yes, Yes, Yes! The Warriors 2015 have come out to play and win. Gold and Blue Baby, Gold & Blue....

As of this posting:

Jazz 11

(31-37, 14-20 away)

Warriors 16

(55-13, 32-2 home)

The Fat Lady Singing In 1978

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