Monday, February 16, 2015

Steph Curry's All-Star Basketball Skillz

Let's hear it for Golden State Warriors all-stars Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson.  "hip, hop, hooray!"

The two all-stars from Oaktown showed up and delivered in the weekends' NBA all-star activities.

The two went head to head in a three-point shooting contest Saturday night that saw Steph blow by everyone down the stretch to take the trophy. At one point in the competition he had 13 straight shots fall.

In Sunday's all-star game, OKC's Russell Westbrook might have scored the most points (41) and took home the mvp trophy, but Steph was the straw that stirred the western conference win with a dazzling display of ball handling and leadership on the floor.  

If sports fans heard the name but didn't quite know who Dell Curry's son Stephen Curry is; by now they've seen and heard why the raving reviews surrounding Steph continue to echo through the sports world.    On the grandest stage that is New York City, Steph delivered!

Final Score
East 158
West 163

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