Sunday, February 01, 2015

Seattle Blackhawks Lose Super Bowl

Someone associated with the Seattle professional football organization, must have enough power and money to dictate the outcome of a Super Bowl.  How else can you explain throwing a gift interception  to the New England Patriots in your end zone to seal the loss? 

Come'on Man.  You've got the best running back in the league who can shift into "beast mode" gear whenever the game is on the line.  You just got a miraculous catch that equaled or topped NY Giants wide receiver David Tyree's helmet catch in Super Bowl XLII. You have the opposing team on the sideline in shock as they hear yet another championship defeat knocking at their door. Then you dial up a play that has left everyone watching the game simply puzzled and shaking their heads wondering; was the freak'in Fix In?

It had to be less than three yards to the end zone, two at the most. One timeout and three downs with twenty-six seconds remaining in the game.  Did I mention the beast mode factor?  So here you go, second and goal, with the game in your lap. Do you quarterback sneak? Do you hand the ball to the beast? Do you fake the hand-off and throw maybe a fade pass toward the corner of the end zone? No, No and No.  

The Seattle Blackhawks chose to throw a bullet into the middle of a tight Patriots coverage at the goal line.  Guess who came up with the reception?  I tell you, if the Fix wasn't in for this game, then it should've been.

Somethings Stinks in Seattle right about now. And all the winter rains in the northwest won't wash away the stench.
Say it ain't so Pete Carroll & Russell Wilson, 

Final Score
Patriots 28
Blackhawks 24

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