Saturday, April 19, 2014

We Are Warriors Sucka!

Wanna try beating us at the foul line Blake? Well take this face plant and take your best shot sucka!

That was the playoff attitude the Golden state Warriors brought to game 1 in Los Angeles against the Clippers and it paid huge dividends in the end.  

The Warriors, led by a brilliant coach in Mark Jackson, pulled off what many consider an upset with a gutsy 109-105 playoff victory.  It was a back and forth brawl that left us viewers breathless and hungering for more.   

Its a best of seven series that will have us full and begging for alka-seltzer by the time we get to the next series serving.  Only one of these teams will earn the right to move on to the next series.  But until then the Warriors and Clippers plan on giving fans a fun filled feast that can't be matched.  Eat Hardy Folks,

Final Score
Warriors 109
Clippers 105

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