Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Silver & Black Building Blocks

We All We Got!

They say the Oakland Raiders were given the toughest strength of schedule for the 2014 season. So what else is new?  The NFL hasn't done the Raiders any favors since the AFC/NFC merger, there's no reason to look for any now.  We should welcome the match-ups given us this coming season.  Let the statisticians crunch and compare numbers from a prior season, the Raiders only need concern themselves with the current season and its current opponent for that particular week period.

Because on any given Sunday a team can be beat regardless of past or present win/loss records.  So bring on past conference and super bowl contenders, the silver and black will put them through the test.  

And when all is said and done it'll be the team with the will and strength to pull out a victory on that day.  Screw the strength of schedule crap.  Leave it to those needing reasons and excuses why their team didn't produce enough wins to make the playoffs.  The Raiders will battle whoever, whenever and wherever. In London on a monday morning in the fog against a bunch of bloody rugby & soccer players, it don't matter.  Its always us against the world.  So just feed us your best and we'll show up and play.

win, lose or tie

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