Sunday, September 08, 2013

Good Outweighs Bad in Raiders Season Opener

Maybe I should go out and buy an "I Survived A Week #1 Raiders Game."  The Oakland Raiders proved the analysts wrong this first Sunday of the season.  They may not have  won the game, but they sure showed the league that they're not a pushover.  Barring a few costly mistakes, the Raiders had the hometown Indianapolis Colts on the ropes and wobbling in the final minutes of a well fought battle.

Thanks to a mobile quarterback, creative play calling, ball control offense and a stellar defense when it mattered most, the Raiders begin the season as a team that opponents must seriously game plan for.  I see them as only getting better the more they play together.  Today was the first time all eleven defensive starters were on the field at the same time and they had four sacks and limited the Colts rushing game to 127yds, not bad. 

The Colts with QB Andrew Luck at the offensive helm, are being projected as an AFC contender for the crown this season. They were a surprise playoff participant last season, Luck's first as a replacement for the Denver bound future hall of famer Peyton 'seven touchdowns a game' Manning.

Luck is definitely a quality quarterback, young and tough. But what I saw of Terrelle Pryor today made me smile with renewed hope and promise that our Raiders football team is on track in their return to greatness.  Porter's good outweighed his bad, two interceptions and a untimely sack.  You could say he lost us the game, but you could also say we wouldn't have been in it without his performance.  I'd like to chew on the latter.

Next week the Raiders will host the Jacksonville Jaguars, another team that analysts have put at the bottom of the NFL barrel.  For as good as the Raiders played today, they cannot believe what media say about the Jags and take them lightly.  More to the point, they cannot rest on today's accomplishments and start believing they've arrived, not just yet.  Win something first, then we can begin believing in greatness.  As for now, there's more hope than gloom.

Win, Lose or Tie!

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