Wednesday, September 25, 2013

America's Cup Bought And Paid For? - Say It Ain't So!

Sorry folks but I gotta call this one like I see it.  The 34th America's Cup boat racing event held right here in my neighborhood sure has the smell of a stinking old Black Sox, if you get my drift.  

All the ingredients for a fix were shipped into San Francisco bay a few months back; expensive boats, rich tradition, foreign investment and one stubborn bay area billionaire.  Most will call it a great, stunning comeback, but to me it looks like an offer was made that someone couldn't refuse. And if they wanna know why the crowds didn't turn out as projected for this mega-marketed event, the secret is in the sauce.

Down 8pts to 1 a week ago, the american team won the damn event over the streaking New Zealand Emirates team 9pts to 8 today. Is this the new era of moneyball or did team america really have what it takes for such an unprecedented comeback?

So someone tell me how a hot NZ team all of a sudden turns into Gilligan and can't find the freakin finish line?  Where the heck was the Skipper?  I can understand a billionaire making the offer and showing the money, easy come easy go, but I can't fathom the Zealanders taking the money and throwing away the win. Come'on Man!

Maybe it was one of those things where all parties involved believed a dramatic, drawn-out, made for hollywood comeback would put the sporting event on the map and bring in more fans and moolah the next go round.  The Zealanders might of simply took one for the America's Cup teams.

I may not know boat racing and all it entails to win an event like the A-Cup, but I sure have a sensitive nose when it comes to sporting event smells and champions. And no disrespect to the hard working boating crews but I Smell A Rat crawling out of the SF Bay. And It Stinks!

Billionaire's Winning Comments:  
"We're competing with other sports to get kids attention. We've got to make our sport exciting and we've got to modernize it. ... It can't be unchanged since 1851."

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