Monday, October 22, 2012


NL Series MVP Marco Scutaro

Yes Sports Fans, The San Francisco Giants have WON the National League Pennant by crushing the defending World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals 9-0 in game 7 of the NLCS. They did it with shutdown pitching, immaculate hitting, amazing defense and a home crowd roar that'll make Tony Tiger's "They'rrre Grrrreat" sound like a purr.

I was at the Oakland Raiders overtime victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars  yesterday and it was Extremely Loud. I watched the Giants/Cardinals tonight on television and it sounded louder than yesterday's Oakland coliseum, non-stop for nine innings of championship baseball. That's homefield advantage.

Giants fans should really take the next 48 hours to just sit back and enjoy this momentous sports accomplishment. Though you won't find too much written about it in the national media, or talked about on FOX Sports, you should know that the San Francisco Giants have added their name to the baseball history books by coming from 3-1 down in the NLCS, and 2-0 down in the NLDS. Nothing unusual for these Giants, they've been surprising us all season.

GameMatchupDateTime (ET)TVTicketsCourtyard
Game 1St. Louis 6, San Francisco 4Sun, Oct 14video highlightsCourtyard MarriottAdvertisement
Game 2St. Louis 1, San Francisco 7Mon, Oct 15video highlightsCourtyard MarriottAdvertisement
Game 3San Francisco 1, St. Louis 3Wed, Oct 17video highlightsCourtyard MarriottAdvertisement
Game 4San Francisco 3, St. Louis 8Thu, Oct 18video highlightsCourtyard MarriottAdvertisement
Game 5San Francisco 5, St. Louis 0Fri, Oct 19video highlightsCourtyard MarriottAdvertisement
Game 6St. Louis 1, San Francisco 6Sun, Oct 21video highlightsCourtyard MarriottAdvertisement
Game 7St. Louis 0, San Francisco 9Mon, Oct 22video highlightsCourtyard MarriottAdvertisement

Its been a season of overcoming setbacks and the Giants have somehow, someway been able to claw and scratch their way to the mountaintop of the National League.  They'll meet the Detroit Tigers in the World Series.

Yes, ESPN, the San Francisco Giants are going where no Yankee will go this baseball season;
We're Going to The World Series!!!!!!!!!!!

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