Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Giants Bury Dodgers Postseason Hopes

San Francisco Giants put to rest an arrogant, greedy, good for nothing blue-wearing bum. The MLB postseason will be better off not having the Los Angeles Dodgers to stink up the competition. Fans have the classy Orange&Black Giants to thank for it.

The Giants ended the Dodgers postseason hopes with a beautiful 4-3 victory last night in Los Angeles.  They did it with Barry Zito and Sergio Romo pitching accompanied by clutch hitting by Posey, Arias and M-a-r-c-o S-c-u-t-a-r-o.  Believe me, Scutaro's double will be added to the heartbreak of Dodger lore.

Gotta give the bums in blue credit, they didn't go down without a fight, kicking, screaming and scratching the whole way. But they went down and all is right in the baseball universe.
Congratulations NL West Heroes for slaying the blue beast of baseball.  Its okay to kick a beast when its down, as long as its wearing a blue L.A. baseball cap and attempting a comeback.

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