Monday, August 29, 2011


"Basically my plan is to continue to handle my part and let Joel handle his part," said Johnson, who's scheduled to be paid $800,000 this season despite leading the NFL in rushing yards over the past three seasons and making the Pro Bowl each time. "All I can do is continue to work out and stay in shape. ... All I can do right now is keep working out and keep waiting." Chris Johnson

Why would a team not wanna reward their star player with dollars and cents? Tennessee Titans running-back Chris Johnson has proven his excellence in the three years he's romped through the NFL. He could easily wind up being one of the best running backs to ever play in the league. And yet the Titans are trying to shackle him to a puny contract he signed as a rookie? Come'on Man!

I support the holdout of Chris Johnson. I feel that he's proven his abilities above and beyond Titans and football fans expectations. I'd like to see him play while he's in his prime. So a message to the Titans organization: As they say about playing poker, "Go Big or Go Home!" Either pay the man to play in your Oilers throwback teal uniform or release him so that another professional team can suit him up to play.

Titans owner Bud Adams is CEO of a wholesale oil and natural gas supplier, which means he has more asset money than most U.S. banks. So what gives if it ain't the money? The dredlocks? The guy is in a league of his own right now. He's "In The Zone." Pay'Da Man!

The human highlight wants a $30 million multi-year deal.

Hell Yes He Should Hold Out! Wouldn't You?

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