Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Raiders have reason to think playoffs

I simply don't believe it! An NFL.com senior analyst has put his name to an article that states the Oakland Raiders could make the playoffs; and for added measure he lists the reasons why.

I hope journalist Gil Brandt's contract includes an escape clause, cause writing anything positive about the Raiders, regardless of its truth, brings criticism and backlash from the mainstream media.

To me it looks like Gil did his homework while attending three days of Raiders training camp in Napa, California. He observed the players, the coaches and the atmosphere of camp before coming away with a winning analysis of the 2011 Oakland Raiders potential.

Gil sees the Raiders winning the AFC West over the three stooges (Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs) after witnessing the following:

a rallying coach, a productive quarterback, a thriving offense with new receiving weapons, a hustling defense with a good mix of veterans and youngsters and a returning game-changing special teams with a new speedy weapon in return man Denarius Moore.

In the infamous words of Yul (Brandt) Brenner:

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