Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Will We Be Cable-Ready By Week 1?

The Oakland Raiders are in store for another offseason of adds, moves and changes. But this season the change at Head Coach could be the biggest difference from recent years. Why? Because Tom Cable, newly installed HC, is a believer in the Silver & Black's future. Like us he loves the fabled history of the Raiders, but more importantly he sees a chance at making new history right around the corner.

Cable believes that the Raiders are a talented young football team that's coming together. In listening to Cable's press conference the other day he said some things that validated his Raider Nation status. Trust me when I say he's one of "Us" who just happens to be Head Coach.

Remember when former coach Lane Kiffin had his press conference introducing him as head coach of the Oakland Raiders? You said to yourself, "who the freak is this green white-collar wannabe coach?" Then you hoped for a miracle that never came. We won't even talk about Art Shell's second coming. Well, after hearing Tom Cable talk of his passion and plans for the Raiders, I'm sold that he's the real deal. He's a captain who'll stand up for his men and if need be go down with the ship if that be their fate. He knows what Big Al wants, he knows what it will take to get there and he's not afraid to steer the ship through hell to get us there.

So, will we be ready come week 1 of this coming season? It can't start out any worse than Kiffin's opening Monday night loss against Denver this past season, a 41-14 blowout. And Lord forbid if it does, I'd expect Cable to take it like a man and build the season around redeeming the Silver & Black legacy.

Win, Lose or Tie!

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