Saturday, December 06, 2008

Pacquiao Punches De La hoya Into Golden Years

The Golden Years Have Come At Last! When Manny Pacquiao Kicked My Azz!

This little refrain probably comes nearest to the truth as to why boxer Oscar De la Hoya should and will retire for good.

The Pride of the Philipines, Manny "Pac man" Pacquiao, completely annihilated former superstar Oscar De la Hoya at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas tonight with an 8th round TKO of the Olden Boy. I almost felt embarrassed for De la Hoya, who looked slow, old and overwhelmed by the tsunami of punches landing on his face and body at blazing speed.

Manny, WBC light-weight champion, said the plan from trainer Freddie Roach was to keep De la Hoya in the middle of the ring where he could limit the bigger man's power and take advantage with his own lightening quick speed. The game plan worked to perfection. Manny was landing punches to Oscar's face early and often in a display of boxing domination that made one wonder how the heck Oscar was favored to win this match.

I've never been an Oscar De la Hoya fan, he's always been too much of a poster boy for me. But I've cheered Pacquiao throughout his career from fly-weight to welter-weight and was never more proud of him than tonight. For once I agree with ring announcer Larry Merchant who stated that it wasn't just that Pacquiao beat De la Hoya, but it was how he beat him; using his footwork, speed, power punches and intelligence. Manny Pacquiao showed tonight why he is considered the best "Pound-For-Pound" boxer in the business today. Undisputed!

The only credit I give Oscar tonight is for his craftiness to avoid a knockout punch. That and his admittance that he lost to a better man in Manny Pacquaio tonight. Not many former champions will admit to such a thing in defeat.

Meanwhile, the announcers were busy comparing Manny to the great and legendary Henry Armstrong, who held titles in 3 different weight divisions back in the 30's. We should expect to see more history being made by Pacquiao since he's in his prime and can now write his own ticket in boxing. Pacman is truly a working man's champion who restores Boxing back to a day when a fighter went toe to toe regardless of the strength and size of his opponent. Courage and Honor is what champions were made of then, not glitter and gold.

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao, a new style of Legendary Boxing Champion!

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