Friday, August 15, 2008

Raiders Look Sharp in Loss

Maybe its too soon after the game for me to be writing about it. The Raiders fumbled away a sure win and it brings back that empty gut feeling of past seasons. However, I shouldn't be so tough on myself and my team. They showed they can be physical and dominate away from home. Our running backs were making titans defenders pay when tackling them. We dominated the time of possession and had some young guys step up.

Actually, if it weren't for the two fumbles the game would've been mostly all Raiders. Our defense was good and our passing game gave hints of success. That JaMarcus pass to Zack Miller for the first touchdown was a threaded bullet that oozed pass defenders by a hair. JaMarcus is the Real Deal.

Special team penalties were up this week. This problem should be correctable. Our defense stopped the Titans most of the night. RELIABLE is the word I felt best described our starting defense. A good word in sports.

The pain from the loss is still kicking at my gut, so I must continue to remind myself of the overall good play of the Raiders tonight. It is still exhibition season and they've proven that they can go on the road and compete with dominating efficiency. That'll bring back a swagger to the team. Can't wait for the Arizona Cardinal game next week at the Coliseum.

The Oakland Raiders will be competitive this season. Its an improved team with a strong will to win.

Raiders 16
Titans 17

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