Thursday, March 20, 2008

DeAngelo Hall Deal Is Done!

DeAngelo Hall, two-time pro bowler and former cornerback of the Atlanta Falcons, is a Raider. He comes to the Raiders to join Namdi Asougha
in the defensive backfield, making it one hell of a show.

I know we need defensive and offensive linemen, but adding Hall in our defensive backfield is an upgrade of monolithic proportions. Did we really want to see Fabian Washington or Stuert Schweigert caught out of position and unable to make plays for another season? I don't think so. Expect this Dynamic Duo to wreak havoc on opposing quarterback passes. Also, their man coverage shutdown should free up a safety or two for blitz packages. Can't wait to see it Live!

They can say all they want about Al Davis, but when it comes to negotiating with a player to join the Silver and Black, Al gets the damn job done. So what if he gave up our second round pick in this year's draft, "We Got Hall." And its been proven time and again, "Defense Wins Championships."

Welcome To The Oakland Raiders DH.

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