Tuesday, March 11, 2008

$4,300.00/HR. Hookers?

Take My Wife......Please!

Emperor's Club VIP was a high priced escort/prostitution service that catered to wealthy clients. Unbeknownst to it's client's, the Federal Government had been gathering information to bust the club and shut it down. And as with many sting operations, someone who's an upstanding leader or role model gets snagged in the net.

For New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who's allegedly an Emperor's Club regular customer, the snag could cost him his governorship. It could get worse for Big Daddy Spitzer if they find he used State monies for some of those non-civic hanky panky hours.

Now if I were a governor with a sinful habit I'd just legalize the activity throughout my state, make it lawful. Think about it, if Marion Barry had legalized crack in Washington D.C., If Bill Clinton had legalized intern acts of fellatio in the White House, if Jeb Bush had legalized voting poll tampering in Florida. Scratch that last one, Jeb was a man ahead of his time. But you get my drift. If it’s legal it must be ethical and acceptable to others and definitely not investigated.

Unfortunately for Big Daddy Spitzer, the only legal proceeding in his future will most likely be at a congressional hearing. Whatever you do Big Daddy, don't hire Roger Clemens lawyer as your counsel for defense.

On the brighter side Big Daddy, you're a hero to many men who get busted with prostitutes who cost far less than what you paid and have no dental plan. Sometimes it’s the wife who hires investigative reporters (see show Cheaters) and the poor sucker is caught in the act. Looks like Mama Spitzer is still in your corner. You Dah Man!

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