Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pensacola,FL. defeats Puerto Rico

Yes, my boy Roy Jones, Jr. takes out Felix Trinidad in a unanimously decided 10 rounder. A knockdown in the 7th and another in the 10th may have been the deciding factor, I'm not sure since I didn't see it. Who's paying to watch pay-per-view these days when you can see it on HBO the following week? But based on this article at ESPN.Com, my boy Roy won it handily.

Tito has been a great fighter and champion, making Puerto Ricans across the world proud, but Roy's my boy. The Pensacola native keeps it real and very well may have been the best fighter "pound-for-pound" during his reign. Unfortunately, both these fighters best days for boxing may be behind them. Memories of Roy's supine body corpse-like on the canvas after a Glen Johnson knockout punch is still clear in my mind. Maybe Roy should just take this win and step away from the game with a winning image intact.

Either way, you can take nothing away from these two lion-hearted warriors who've brought excitement and respect back to the Boxing World.

Roy Jones, Jr and Felix Trinidad, we salute you!

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