Sunday, January 20, 2008

Can G-MEN Clamp Down on SpyGate Parolees?

Welcome to Super Bowl XLII between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Me being a Native New Yorker and a 2002 "Tuck Rule" Survivor, you know who I'm rooting for.

The Giants have a real good shot at winning this thing and leaving the Pats at 18-1, one game short of a perfect perfect season. It'll take Eli having a great game and pressure on Brady. Hitting receivers hard and good tackling will also be in order. If ever the phrase "Chop off the Head and the Body Dies" fit a situation, this is it. Take Brady out of the game with pressure and the Patriots are a wagon without wheels. Who the hell's their backup quarterback anyway, Steve Grogan?

Don't get me wrong, I like Brady. I think Brady's a great quarterback and wouldn't really want to see him get hurt. But these are drastic and desperate times that call for Tanya Harding-esque measures to be taken. If not before the game then heck, during the damn game. Whatever it takes, someone's gotta get to Brady and put him down. Maybe we can bribe Tony Romo to send Jessica Simpson to Brady's hotel room a night or two before the game. The Romo Jinx is as good as the red sox curse of the 20th century.

Either way Super Bowl XLII should be hyped so much that by kickoff time you're loving one team and hating the other with a passion.

My money and passion is with the Giants, bless their road warrior hearts. Not many gave them a chance on the road against Dallas or Green Bay and yet they're still standing. As for the Brady Bunch, you're head coach is a bum, you were caught cheating and the 1972 Miami Dolphins will always be the undefeated darlings of the NFL. And besides, nobody wants to see quitter Moss holding up a Lombardi Trophy. I'd rather see Eli Manning and Michael Strahan at the podium celebrating. We'll see!

Congratulations New York Giants for winning the NFC Championship in classic non-spying fashion.

Imagine how these Giants fans (pictured before the game) must of felt afterward?

On the road at Lambeau Field, -24 degrees wind-chill factor, Overtime, Brett Favre interception, 47 yard field goal wins it! TRULY PRICELESS!

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