Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Home Run King Barry Bonds - 756

Tonight Barry Bonds became the lone Home Run King in surpassing Hank Aaron's record with his 756th Career Home Run.


A truly historic moment to be a part of
in Baseball. The lightening bug-like camera flashes, the crowd noise, the fireworks, the orange and gold streamers, Hank Aaron's congratulatory comments on the big HD Jumbotron and Barry thanking baseball, family and the fans. His final thanks being that to his dad (Bobby Bonds) brought out emotions that it seemed Barry had been holding back all this time. It was only fitting that the game was halted a good seven minutes, which actually seemed like an hour. I just realized that Willie Mays was there. The Giants are planning a full pre-game celebration for Bonds in the near future.

Barry Bonds tonight was as stunned by his accomplishment as everyone watching. As they say with NFL Hall of Fame Induction speeches, you can try preparing for the emotional overload but once the moment is upon you there's no holding back the flood of emotions. Barry was flooded with emotions. Maybe thats why at the top of the 6th inning he went out to his left field position followed by a camera crew and surprisingly left the field to an ovation moments later. Young Speedster Rajai Davis replaced Bonds in left field as Roberts came in to play center field.

The emotions probably trickled over into the stands where San Franbcisco Giants fans were hugging, high-fiving and actually crying with joy. I believe only a World Series Win could bring on as much emotion and comraderie that was flowing through AT&T Park tonight.

So what if a Mets fan from Queens, NY came out of the pile bloodied and bruised with ownership of the HR treasure. We Giants fans were way to busy taking in the true treasure that was the Historic Crowning of A New Home Run King, Our Home Run King, #25 Barry Bonds.

Congratulations Barry for climbing a mountain and reaching its peak. A Truly Historic Achievement.

And as Hank Aaron said, "the achievement of this record, will inspire others to chase their own dreams."

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