Saturday, July 28, 2007

Barry Slams No. 754 in wild Friday Night Win!

In a night where expectations were higher than high for Barry Bonds, the SF Giants slugger crushed Home Run No. 754 over the 404ft. placard near center field bleachers. It was only the first inning in what would turn out to be a wild home run derby of a night. Durham, Feliz and Molina would all receive ovations for their out-of-the-park hits, but it was definitely Bonds home run, the first of four for the San Francisco Giants, that sent us fans at AT&T park into a wild history being made mode. The Giants would go on to beat the Florida Marlins 12-10 in a game that featured six home runs on twenty-nine hits.

Funny how as a fan experiencing what would be history in the making, you tend to stop everything for a brief moment just to take in the moment and record it on your memory bank. The sounds of the cheering crowd mixed in with the public address announcer's confirming call, the flashing jumbotron HD screen showing HR754 before playing a clip of Michael Jordan congratulating Barry Bonds, the touch of the fans who though complete strangers seconds before are now giving you high-fives and gleeful smiles, the smell of the evening fog mixed in with hot dog farts and early game cha cha bowls, a kid (girl of course) sitting in front of me takes the time to look up from her reading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book to cheer Barry around the bases. Priceless!

It truly was a night of historic baseball game images that I'll savor for some time. Sure, home runs 755 and 756 will be climatic in their representation of baseball glory, but witnessing No. 754 is like getting to the front of the line after a long wait and knowing that You Are NEXT. How often in life are we on the brink of achievement and want to just savor the accomplishment of arrival? The long journey will come to an end when Barry hits 755, but last night's 754 allowed us all to arrive with him at that monumental precipice called HR King of The Hill. As we peeked over the edge of that hill we saw the greatness that has been Barry Bonds all these years as well as the greatness of the game of baseball. We viewed those who came before him, Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron & Willie Mays, as well as those who are coming after. Viewing the game of baseball was one heck of a sight to see at AT&T Park in San Francisco last night.

I'll probably sneak down to the game tonight to hopefully see Barry hit HR No. 755. But the memory of watching No.754 will remain for me the moment of achievement. Barry will tie baseball's career HR record with his NEXT one, and he'll break the record with the one after, but as of last night he's on deck and the fat lady is humming.

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