Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yankees Over-Rated! Giants Take Two

The New York Yankees came to town on Friday and won a night game against the SF Giants convincingly, 3 to 7. Through some tough negotiating and luck I secured tickets to the Saturday and Sunday games buying into the hype of the series being an inter-league classic.

The Weather was tropical-like, the park was sold-out and the Giants were ready to end their eight game losing streak, screw the Damn Yankees!

The Giants went on to take the Saturday game in extra innings, ending a throwback classic with a 6-5 win. The inter-league series threw at us every throwback stat and moment dating from the 1962 World Series between the two teams.

Saturday's game was throwback cap day with the park giving away throwback NY Giants caps to the first 20,000. Today's Sunday game featured introductions of old-timers from both teams who played in that 1962 series.

The Giants went on to win the game 7-2 with Noah Lowry earning a much deserved win. A half inning of seeing future Hall-Of-Famer Roger Clemens was definitely worth the price of admission. Too bad for the Yankees Rocket at 45 years old is nowhere near the beast he was earlier in his career. But I just couldn't find it in my heart to join in booing the hardened old warrior. I was just in awe to be watching Roger Clemens pitch to Barry Bonds, even if he did pitch around him and gave up a walk.

The Giants are either the best bottom of the division team in the league or the Yankees are heavily over-rated of late. Either way, I got to clap and laugh this weekend away as my SF Giants sent the Yankees and their spoiled fans home with two straight losses.

Go Giants!

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