Friday, June 01, 2007

National Spelling Bee Champion

Labron James scoring 48 pts to help the cavaliers win a NBA Playoff game in double-OT, not bad.

Chicago Cubs teamate brawl in dugout sends one to the hospital, shameful news.

Serena Williams the sole American survivor still alive in the singles French Open, patriotic power.

SF Giants win 13-0 laugher over Phillies a day after releasing Balking Closer Armando Benitez, celebratory.

13 year old from California wins National Spelling Bee with ease by spelling the word "Seffefine," genius.

Check out any news headline from today and you'll read about 13 year old
Evan M. O'Dorney of Danville, Ca. winning the national spelling bee contest. I heard one radio announcer running down the list of interests and accomplishments of this young man:

He loves music (practices piano) and has already composed an opera
He's enjoys math more than spelling, its more of a challenge
To him, spelling is just memorizing, an easy task
He's soon to be enrolled in a calculus class at UC Berkeley
He's holds a black belt in judo or karate. Silly me, its Tae Kwan Do
He's fluent in Latin and dabbles in French and Spanish. (Dabbles)
I think I heard he's already tutoring or counseling other students, probably the teacher

At a very young age he could solve a rubik's cube .............while holding it behind his back

Did I say Genius?

Congratulations Evan for winning the 2007 National Spelling Bee and for making a small forcepts device used for clamping off blood vessels the topic of discussion today. Sorry, that's forceps. Some of us have trouble just remembering to use spellcheck.

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