Thursday, October 19, 2006

X Marks The Spot

I've commented on past stories about corpses being harvested for bone and tissue parts for sale to biomedical supply companies. I knew then that funeral home directors and morticians were involved in this grisly scheme which profited them greatly. What I didn't know about at the time was oral surgeon Michael Mastromarino's alleged involvement in such cases.

It is alleged that THE DOCKTOR not only removed skin, bone and other parts from up to 1,000 bodies in funeral homes and made millions of dollars selling the stolen tissue to bio medical companies, but x-rays of victims show plastic pvc pipe fittings where leg and hip bones should have been.

reprint from associated press:
Someone had inserted white plastic pipes - the kind used for home plumbing projects, available at any hardware store. all without the permission of the deceased family of course. The pipes were crudely reconnected to hip and ankle bones with screws before the legs were sown back up.

Today's news reports that seven funeral directors linked to a scheme to plunder corpses and sell the body parts for transplants pled guilty to undisclosed charges and have agreed to cooperate with investigators.

The X-rays shown in the SF Chronicle today are simply unbelievable, clearly showing the pipes and fittings attached to skeltal remains as part of a coverup. It proves to me that the men who did this give Mary Shelly's Dr. Frankenstein a bad name. At least herr Frankenstein was scientifically trying to create life, not profit from death.

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