Friday, October 13, 2006

Raiders Need Leader Who Can Get Things Done By Any Means Necessary

The Media has labeled him a criminal with the nickname "Casino Jack," a name synonymous with bribery and scandal. His past actions still trickle down into today's headlines exposing guilty politicians throughout the country. And no one political group is exempt from his influence which reaches as high up as the White House.

Who is this man and why do I think he'd be a good fit to lead the Raiders out of the darkness they find themselves in at 0-4?

He's Jack Abramoff that's who, an opportunist who obviously thinks outside the box and gets the job done. Casino Jack has been successful at lobbying for many causes and it seems he has a knack for getting people to buy into his ideas. He's what you'd call a natural born leader with just the right charisma to make people unselfishly give of their time, money, professional skills and committment. Casino Jack is a top level negotiator who can bargain with the best.

I believe if we had Casino Jack running things for Raider Nation, we'd have coaches, trainers, players and even marketing personnel lining up to be a part of his team. You think John Gruden was a mover and a shaker, wait til' Casino Jack strolls onto the turf, fedora hat cocked at a slight forward-downward angle. He's already acquired the Raiders Mystique, the villain everyone wants to blame and hate. Sure he robbed them politicians of their gold, they offered and he gladly took it. And as of today he still laughs as he's conquered and won.

So for all you old Raider Faithfuls who've stuck with the decisions of Big Al throughout the years, take a minute to read about the man I think would be a perfect fit for running the Oakland Raiders. A man who knows how to acquire the resources needed to get the job done, by any means necessary. Pillaging just for fun.

Read about the colorful history of: Casino Jack Abramoff

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