Friday, March 17, 2017

Beast Mode or AP

It's a dilemma I'll definitely take this time of year for the Raiders. If the rumors are true, we could see either Adrian Peterson or Marshawn Lynch suiting up in silver and black this upcoming NFL season. With RB Latavius Murray running off to Minnesota, we're in need of a big, bruising back to fill the void.  AP has been injury prone and turns 32 this month. Lynch will be 31 next month and hasn't played in one full season. The big difference here is injury vs retirement. Factor in the Oakland native kibbit and Lynch is your Raiders starting running back in 2017 hands down.

I've begged, pleaded and prayed on this blog in the past for game-change caliber players to come over to the NFL's dark side that is the Raiders organization. Maybe this time my plea will pay off. Never has there been such an explosive local football player available to join an already playoff caliber Raiders team. Other than maybe getting bay area native Tom Brady as a backup to Derek Carr, the Lynch signing would be a bay area bonanza.

So without further ado, BEAST MODE----------------this prayer and plea is for YOU!

Morning Marshawn, This Is God Calling!

You may not find this letter of spiritual advice immaculate, but if you have faith you’ll understand and receive the blessing.  It’s about more than just a football career; it’s about seeing the gifts of your life unfold in ways you never imagined.  I know, I’ve had my eye on you Marshawn.  You have so much to offer in so many ways, but like many, there’s been some doubt and many distractions along the way.   

The road of life I made crooked and challenging for reasons only I know.  What I’d like you to believe is that every bump, curve and detour placed along your path was put there for your best interest, just as the times your life seemed to be in cruise control, it was I removing some of those worries and burdens.  It’s been like that for you since April 22, 1986 and will continue through all your days.  For I am always with you.

As an adult I must remind you of the Free Will you’ve been blessed with, which allows you to choose what path to take and team to join.  Mind you, your choice will not change what I’ve willed for you, but it will determine the type of experiences you encounter traveling toward your destiny. Either way, by your will or mine, I will be right there with you as I’ve always been.  I write to you in this, your 31st year of life, to give you this special birthday gift, though you might see it as more of a puzzle than a blessing. 

You are not who you think yourself to be. Know Thyself!

You, my faithful servant, at heart are a Raider.  Go West and discover those treasures awaiting you.  Pledge to choose a path based on your soulful needs over financial desires, trusting that I am always with you.  What might at first seem unwise and foolish to agents and those who’ve profited by blessed talents bestowed on you, will be revealed as the link to your fulfillment as a man in touch with his destiny.  The gleam of life, which you’ll surely discover in this new journey, will eventually become evident to those who might’ve doubted, including yourself. 

Again, be mindful and watchful of distracting forces.  This time, choose not only with the hungry head, but practice using the other decision-making instrument of which I’ve blessed you with; a humble heart. Do not be deceived, for a humble heart sees what a hungry head is sometimes too full to discern.

Oakland, California needs you my servant, as much as you need Oaktown.  Seek not what you’ve found in Seattle.  Go where you can feel my Pacific waters calming the summer air around you at night.  Go experience the California sunshine splashing down reminding you of my presence before, during and after the dark, threatening storm.  Awake to the winds of autumn blustering in from sea, greeting you to a new day in My blessed bay. A place where past transgressions are forgiven and no stone be cast should new ones arise.

"Keep asking, and it will be given to you. Keep searching, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened for you.” In giving of yourself you will surely receive tenfold.
For I promise this and more to all those of faith.  I Am always with you Marshawn.  And win, lose or tie, I Am a Raider!

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