Saturday, January 14, 2017

Kyung Wha-Chung - Legendary!

Epic Clashes; we see it in sports, theatre and music. The more challenging the feat or adversary, the greater the will to conquer.

World renowned violinist Kyung Wha-Chung attacks a Mendelssohn Concerto like a professional football player would attack an opponent; tenaciously and with abandon. 

Watch as Kyung not only plays with unequaled passion, but also shows a graceful touch and effortless control over a technically challenging classical piece. 

This clip is from Kyung's earlier playing days in the 1970's. I don't know if any violinist who followed has matched her riveting skill and performance level. Kyung is a legendary violinist whose past performances are even more appreciated through hindsight.  She's still performing at age 68, and is a current member of the Julliard School Faculty.

Sports fans should be able to recognize the competitive power and impassioned style of this world class violinist. She's Serena Williams with a violin instead of a tennis racquet. But for her gender, size and chosen craft of music, she might've been a #1 draft pick in the NFL had she chosen athletics; that's how much skill, passion, energy and confidence she has in her game.

Kyung Wha-Chung; A Raider legend

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