Thursday, July 21, 2016

And The Winner Is!

Of the five Chinese Movies I was lucky enough to find at a used library book sale at bargain prices, one stood out as a true masterpiece of cinematography. 

Bodyguards and Assassins 2009, is a must see for any movie lover who takes in sight, sound, action, drama and overall entertainment value of a film.  The history and time period is what pulled me in. 

Imagine 1906 Hong Kong, where a meeting of rebel leaders is about to go down and the corrupt government has hired Assassins to take out the guest speaker, Sun Yat-sen. Picture a rebel force made up of young students, martial artists and everyday working citizens coming together to protect Sun against the would be assassins.  The future of the country of China is at stake.

There's plenty here, more than just a martial arts movie.  As a matter of fact, martial arts takes a back seat to the backstory of many of the characters, as well as the drive to see Sun-Yat-sen arrive, speak and depart Hong Kong safely.

It's a race against time and killers as the producers give us a plot that quickens its pace unto its climatic conclusion.

I call this style of film-making a Masterpiece!

TheMovieBlogger breaks down Bodyguards and Assassins masterfully.

Honorable mention goes to Wu xia (Dragon)

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deAnguelo said...

They tell me that "13 Assassins" is the best. Then again, you would know best. aA