Monday, June 20, 2016

Warriors Historic Season Ends In Loss

Shoulda Coulda Woulda! But in the end it was the Cavaliers with the greatest basketball player on the planet winning the NBA Championship. Congratulations Cavaliers on a historic comeback to beat the Golden State Warriors in the Finals.

No Warriors excuses on this blog. The team just didn't play like they had all season long. Injuries? Fatigue? Coaching? Conspiracy? Harrison Barnes? Drammond Suspension? Ayeesha Curry Tweets? Any and all of these questions will be argued and debated during the off season. In Cleveland however you'll find a different tone; no questions, no second guessing, just a boisterous validation of what team commitment and hard work can accomplish.

The closest to an excuse I will post for the Warriors is that they partially beat themselves in game seven. The Cavaliers made the shots they had to make and the Warriors did not, period. 

Why couldn't the Warriors make the shots that they'd made in crunch time throughout the season and much of the playoffs? There lies the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed if the Warriors wanna become a dynasty.

Here's one that the bay area might be able to sink their teeth into. It's 2016, an even year playoff run. Maybe the silver lining for the Warriors is they win Championships in odd-numbered years like 2015. Only time will tell. 

Thank you Golden State Warriors for giving us a Bay Area Basketball Season like no other.  It truly was a historic run. We fans are proud to be Warriors Fans do or die. Strength In Numbers baby! 

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