Saturday, March 12, 2016

March Madness - It's Not Always Just About Basketball

The NCAA basketball tournament begins this coming week. College kids, both athletes and fans, should be getting into the madness that is march college basketball.  But it seems there's another sport that has caught the attention of college campus life across these United States.

Politics and the race to the white house 2016 has all the competition, intrigue and mud slinging to attract the reality tv generation and some.  The political arena this season is full of terrible actors and actresses trying to win the role of our country's next Commander-in-Chief. Can't we just fire them all and bring back the British rulers. 

Meanwhile, there's March Madness to contend with on the basketball court. I'm guilty of not paying much attention to college basketball this season. When you have the hottest basketball team with the hottest player on the planet in the Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry, who needs NCAA basketball. 

The Warriors are a record setting 58-6 as they try to close out the regular season with the best record ever in league history. I do hope to sprinkle in some college hoops this month, but we Warriors fans have waited so long for a winner that we are just beside ourselves when it comes to our NBA champion basketball team. 

Who knew that watching championship pro basketball can make a sports fan one dimensional. Nothing in sports today compares with watching the Golden State Warriors play their style of basketball. Definitely not an annual college tournament. 

But the presidential race, with its cartoon caricatures and controversial moments, is garnering attention from sports fans and regular civilians alike. And it should. For as important as electing the next leader of our nation should be, the contestants make it a painful and shameful competition to watch.

I'll take watching the 89th Scripps National Spelling Bee competition set to run from May 22-27, over viewing anymore political hate mongering.

So bring on college March Madness.  Let's indulge ourselves in seeing a cindefella or two break the heart of a powerhouse team. And bring on the presidential primaries. Let's see a few more political campaign riots spice up the 'breaking news' reports that have become anything but breaking or news these days.  

In the SF-Oakland bay area, our eyes are on the prize of our glorious NBA team breaking records and winning another championship.  We may be the only fans of anything these days who are not mad, but united and glad to have our dog in the race. It doesn't bite, piss on or piss off anybody. All our dog does is win baby!


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