Saturday, August 15, 2015



Courtroom artist Jane Rosenberg's sketch of a deflated Tom Brady at a civil suit hearing might appeal to some artistic tastes, but fans of the Pacheatots are seemingly repulsed.  

Not unlike the story "The Picture of Dorian Gray," where a deal with the devil leaves a man unscathed by his dubious actions while his self portrait takes on the ugliness of his sinful deeds in life, the Rosenberg sketch reveals a hidden truth lying underneath the charm and glamour of a once media darling. That truth being that its not the man who has become deflated from the scandalous findings in Deflategate, but the image and perception consumers have of the man "Tom Terrific."

In today's hype-oriented sports news, where we sports fans pig out and gobble down on every serving, what is said about our sports heroes is perceived as the gospel truth. We attach our likes and dislikes of an individual based primarily on the inflated or deflated character fed us by the media. Seldom do we meet these individuals in person in their daily lives, being themselves and showing their true character. 

Unfortunately, we're stuck with whatever character image is on the media plate for that day's serving of an individual to the sports public. Today's serving up of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady comes without the past dressings and trimmings, giving us diners an unattractive view of a cold plate a la carte dish that had always been served steaming hot with the promise of a honestly healthy meal.  

It's like finding out that one of your favorite restaurants has been serving up cat in its szechuan chicken dishes. And yet many customers will go back for more once the penalties are imposed and the ban/desist order lifted.  Such is the power of inflated advertising on addictive consumer taste buds.

For Brady, tomorrow promises that some loyal diners are already waiting in line to eat heartily of the dish that once was "Tom Terrific." But many more not so trusting diners will get so full of the ugly truths behind Brady that however his future image is served they'll never get that taste of cheating cat out of their palate.  These patrons will not be buying anything off the New England Patriots menu anytime soon.

Lesson for Tom; If you're gonna dance with the Devil, rest assured that the Devil always gets his due.

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