Saturday, May 23, 2015

Warriors 115 Rockets 80

It Was A Turkey Shoot In Houston...........

The Golden State Warriors dominated the Houston Rockets to take a 3-0 Western Conference Finals series lead. You can't count the resilient Rockets out, but I most definitely heard the Fat Lady gargling midway through the third quarter.

League MVP #30 Stephen Curry, the Human Torch, singed the Rockets for 40pts. One of his high arcing layups over the outstretched hand of Dwight Howard was circus worthy.

His supporting cast played up tempo offense, stellar defense and rebounded like cwazy.  It was a Golden State Warriors road show, and all the Rockets fans could do was sit through it and sulk, while the Nationally viewing audience oohed and aahed all night long. Somewhere in Lithuania, former Warriors guard Sarunas Marciulionis is proudly smiling.

Yes Rockets fans, it was the Warriors who came into your town and burned down your basketball sports arena.  Not even your best fireman, James Harden, could douse the flames once the fire got started.

Looking Good Warriors, Looking Good!

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