Friday, December 05, 2014

Hell on Earth - Bay Area Gridiron Battle

Like a blazing comet roaring through the football universe; its fast, furious and only comes around every so many years.  Yep, it's the battle of the bay with the San Francisco 49ers crossing the mote to take on the Oakland Raiders.

For this game the experts can throw away all their statistics, history and current standings of these two teams.  The game is not a game; its a battle. And as battles go, their outcomes are determined only by the blood and sweat left on the battlefield that day.

This Sunday, Dec. 7th, football fans in the bay won't be reminiscing on the hell that was the Pearl Harbor attack of 1941, they'll be busy watching, and possibly participating in, a battle as real to them as a struggle for world military supremacy.  The worse place anybody can be caught this weekend is in the middle; the mote. Because come this Sunday you're either with the Niners Empire or the Raider Nation; the middle will be full of battle wounded and casualties.  Time to grab your weapon and choose you're true allegiance mate. arrghh!

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