Thursday, October 02, 2014

Let's Go G-I-A-N-T-S

Yes, it's October folks, and I think San Francisco Chronicle sports writer Ann Killion said it best, "And just like clockwork, the Giants magically snapped into postseason form."

How else do you explain the Giants miraculous 8-0 shutout of the "Buc" Pirates in Pittsburgh last night? 

It was as if the Giants had simply taken a postseason off in 2013, an odd year, and are now picking right back up where their 2012 championship postseason left off.  I count 11 wins and our orange and black will be marching down market street hoisting what rightfully has belonged to them the past two even numbered years of this decade.

Again quoting Ann, "they looked like a different team than the one that limped into the postseason." Everyone stepped up in last night's wild card win, with Madison Bumgarner silencing the buccaroos and Brandon Crawford delivering the knockout punch.  It was all so good, historic even.  

Next up are the Washington Nationals who sported the best record in the National League's regular season. But this ain't the regular season and these aren't your regular season Giants.

Here we go again Giants fans, an Orange October that keeps us up late into the evenings cheering our boys toward victory.  Bring'em home safely Bochy.

And with Hunter Pence rallying the troops, we can't lose.  

"This is where we fight, this is where they die" 

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