Saturday, September 06, 2014

Raiders Take A David vs Goliath Approach

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Dead last in NFL power rankings, but first in heart, courage and commitment.  The Oakland Raiders, armed with what I suppose ESPN analysts consider a slingshot for a weapon, have been given little if any chance of bringing down an opponent this season. They've placed the Raiders at the bottom of the heap of 2014 NFL contenders before the battles have even begun. So what else is new!

Maybe its the Goliaths the Raiders are scheduled to go up against this season that has sports analysts and experts not giving the Silver and Black a chance in hell.  Shame on them; they should know that the Raiders tend to raise hell and compete with the best of teams on Sundays, against all odds.

Tomorrow will give us fans of professional football the first inkling of how wrong the so-called experts can be in forecasting fates of football teams. Raiders don't care about high powered weapons and past battle victories of opponents; once the game is whistled to start its even-steven.  

The bigger the opponent, the more areas exposed for attack.  Put enough pressure on a crucial spot of an opponent, find the hole in his armor and over time the foe will fall. And yes, even a weapon as basic as a slingshot can bring down giants. 

Just seeing the slingshot can prematurely disarm a giant. Because a giant sees himself as others see him, whereas an underdog doesn't see himself at all, he only knows his objective is to conquer himself and lay waste to his opponent.  Sundays were made for hunting giants with slingshots. Its the true showing of courage under pressure.

Besides, who are these uncircumcised Philistines anyway?

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