Friday, August 29, 2014

Raiders Got That New Carr Smell

my Oakland Raiders.  The team made me a proud silver & black fan last night as they attacked the super bowl champion Seattle Seahawks in a preseason final at the Oakland Coliseum.  I'm still asking to be pinched out of a dream that saw my Raiders score, score and score some more in a dominant 41-31 victory.

Rookie quarterback Derek Carr (Fresno State Bulldogs) could do no wrong as he was given the keys to the starting offense and simply put the peddle to the metal.  Carr performed in the QB spot brilliantly and the entire Raiders team, coaching staff and fan base responded with glee.

Right now in the minds and hearts of all who saw last night's test drive, D. Carr is the Oakland Raiders starter at quarterback come the first game of the regular season.  I know it, Raider Nation knows it and you reading this should know it.  

The Raiders 2014 are riding a new Carr in this seasons' race to the championship.  So if  you feel a strong autumn wind rattle you senseless while looking in your rear-view mirror one NFL Sunday, its not a dream or illusion, its the Oakland Raiders blowing past you with a fearless new driver behind the wheel.

Just Win Baby!

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